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Team of young altruistic individuals join together to make difference in the lives of people of India with vision of good education, excellent health & hygiene and clean environment. Shambhavi Samarpan Foundation was formed in order to realize the dreams of a small team of young committed professionals - who vision a better tomorrow for the mankind. These young men believed that there are abundant resources which can be trapped and channelized in the right direction to fulfill their objectives:-

  • To enhance national productivity with the tool of education by providing help & hope for education to each and every child.
  • To encourage and develop clean, hygienic & unpolluted environment by providing help & hope for the good health, rural water supply, sanitation, and proper ecology balance.

Good education, Health and Environment is the foundation for well being. We believe that in current scenario, literacy, health and environment is a solemn curse and wishes to eliminate this imprecation through concerted effort. Our endeavor is to provide help & hope:-

  • To improve quality of education.
  • To provide opportunity of education to all.
  • To enhance productivity of Industries by imparting technical & vocational training to unskilled manpower mainly in rural areas.
  • To encourage and support restoration and rehabilitation of environmental projects.
  • To promote awareness about environmental & health issues among citizens.
  • To promote research in the field of environment, health & education.

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